Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shea It Ain't So

Well, it unrefined shea butter has arrived!! I must say Traycee, you were so right! This stuff is great. It so smooth and creamy without blending with any other oils. I love this. It's great for your skin, hair, etc. I will definitely be incorporating this into my new regimen, which I will introduce on October 11!!

I am in the process of getting my hair into a healthier state and I think that sealing my ends with shea will help me soooooo much. My hair gets rough during the winter so a lot of protective styles and this butter will help me cope with the cold weather that is about the come this way.

I got a couple of pics of how my shea butter looked when it arrived and some I whipped up with a couple of my favorite oils!

If you're interested in purchasing, go over to>> (join, if your not a's a great site) and click on the link Traycee has provided or go to>>>



Traycee said...

I love this stuff..I don't what loves the shea more ..My hair or my skin...hahahah

Thanks for the shout out

Sunshyne said...

Looks so nice and creamy. Its already getting cold here and I think this is a great option for sealing in your moisture.

Blaquebt said...

NP Traycee! So glad you introduced this stuff, I was so excited to get it yesterday. I luv shea butter!

you are totally right Sunshyne..cold weather brings tough ends for me so sealing is going to be a priority!

Amina said...

I looove shea butter!! I just bought tons for the winter...

Charmaine said...

Amina>>> I always heard about shea butter but the real stuff is the best! So pure and creamy..I luvs it