Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Golden Mart Beauty Supply--ONLINE!!!

Alright B & L's, I've definitely stumbled upon a great site...Golden Mart Beauty Supply. While scoping out over on HT, I ran upon this in a post (sorry, I clicked outta the page and can't remember but credit to a HT Poster!!!) and decided to check it out. It like an online BSS just like the popular local shops!

There are sooooo many products to choose from...half-weaves/wigs, ponytails, products, and more! There is a wide selection of popular products (see pictures below) and hair accessories. Since I haven't actually purchased from this site yet, I will not go on record to say how the shipping/customer service is(kind of makes no sense huh??) but I will be in the near future for a hair challenge I've developed for myself. From what I saw on HT, she made a great purchase and didn't have any complaints. I'll definitely head back over there to see who posted the name of this site.

I thought this would be a great site for those of you like me, who can't find products that we want to try in our areas. More than likely it is on this site, if not...I shall keep looking till I find it!
Golden Mart Beauty Supply

Just click on the links underneath the brand name of the products (on their site) to see what they offer for each line! These are just a few of the popular lines I know people are using or looking for.

Elasta QPDesigner Touch Dr. Miracle's

Stay Browne...Stay Lovely!!!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks so much for this info.

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