Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick hair update!

Well, sorry I haven't posted in past couple of days...drama filled weekend!! First our car shut off in the middle of traffic...then no one would help hubby push until our Pastor and her husband and another elderly gentleman stopped to help us>>>turns out the car was out of fluids???. So yeah, we've gotta get that leak fixed ASAP...then my baby boy (4, will turn 5 on Halloween! so he's not really little) broke his arm today*sigh*I just feel so bad for's hurting and you fellow mommies know how that is! I feel my children's pain!!

Okay, now back to the topic...I pre-pooed with garlic oil....and boy did it STANK...yes..STANK. I hated it. I then washed with my V05 Moisture Milks (Passion Fruit) and did a deep condition with Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol w/ 3 tblsp of honey (thanks to Ashley from KISS for the honey tip!). I DC'ed for at least 2 or 3 hours (got lazy) but my hair was wonderfully soft!! I also did a brief steam treatment within those hours of DC'ing. I used Aphogee Pro-Vitamin as my leave in and Nexxus Heat Protectant since I blow dryed. I moisturized and sealed with Wave Noveaou (sp?, thanks Sunshyne & Melyssah for the great tips) and EVCO.

I've decided that I will alternate my heat whenever I do major washes. If I decide to flat iron, I must air dry. If I decide to blow-dry I won't flat iron. That helps for me since my hair is poofy when I just leave it without any type of heat or style.

Till next time.....

Stay Browne, Stay Lovely



Super Woman said...

i love them horrible smelling garlic treatments

as long as im not on my cycle because the smell will make me throw up because my senses are extra sensitive