Saturday, October 4, 2008

Relaxer Prepartion

Ok ladies .. Here's a great video from my favortie Youtuber Guru Ateya!!! I've looked up some information about taking special care of your hair before relaxing your hair. I got some information over at Associated Content from Audrey Sivasothy. She wrote a wonderful article describing a method you can use (IF YOU CHOOSE). I know there are someout there that may not agree with this method but you can use this if you want. I think that the video Ateya posted is a great example of this method as she states that she's getting a relaxer next week. Check out the video at the end of my post!

Check out Audrey's complete article by clicking the link below:

Getting Ready to Relax? Preparing Your Hair for a Relaxer Chemical Straightening
Want to learn how to prepare your hair for chemical relaxing and straightening? Here are some tips and a three step hair preparation game plan that you can use!
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Traycee said...

Ateya is always so entertaining to watch

ExoticMommie said...

Great Video. Her hair is so shiny and healthy. Now I will check out the article.

Thanks for the info.

Charmaine said...

traycee..she really is..I love watching her vids

exotic, Audrey has great info and believe me any problems you have with your hair there is probably an article

Miss Anjela said...

Thanks for posting this vid! I'll have to subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Charmaine said...

No problem miss Angela!