Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miss Jessie's..Is it worth the cost?

I guess I can't really "review" this product since I decided against ordering it. Now I've heard people rant and rave about how great these products are but then I've heard others say it's a waste of time.

Now Since I've started my transtioning phase, I've been pretty open to try new products to get my NG more manageable and when a co-worker suggested this line...I was pretty excited. I've been having a tough time with transitioning and I have always heard that Miss Jessie's is some gooooood stuff. Only problem is>>>> Why the debil does it cost so much? I mean, I was getting ready to order the 20z sizes of Curly Hair Pudding and The Buttercreme. Those two together totaled around $16. When I went to check out, the shipping and handling took me up to almost $30!!!!!

With that being said, I'm going to try another route and Miss Jessie's isn't on my way...LOL... I would give it a try if I really felt that it would make a difference. Going on a hunch, might I add that costs $30 bucks, just doesn't convince me. Check out their site at if you want to see some of the great work they've done at the salon and even order products! IT may not be an option for me but it may be for someone out there.

So to all of you out there who love Miss Jessie's..more power to you!!!

Peace & no hair grease...always butters (LOL..I know that made absolutely no sense)

Luv u Guys!



Hair-A-Mania.Dot.Com said...

ummmmm smh @peace & no hair grease....geez....n e wayz, so now ur back 2 transitioning?....blah...between u & Kenisha i dont kno whoz worse...imma leave it alone & offer no comment @ the moment...toodlez....

Blaquebt said...

Haha..LOL..Bossay u are 2much in da morning. I don't know but ur new pics were so inspriring!! I luv how smooth ur hair was*sigh* maybe one day for me too

Amina said...

I've heard mixed reviews about Miss Jessie's....
the price itself had me stay away from the line..