Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Swimming in debt?

Lawd knows I am :O(...buit there's a easy way to fix your problem....pay it off!! I'm going to put up a poll later to get some idea about people's ideal debt. Funny thing is>>>I'm in school for Accounting/Finance!!!>>>but it's so easy for me to help others get their money right but so hard for me to get my own???

That's such a confusing thing for me these days*sigh*but one of goals for the new year is to get the debt under control. I am working extra hard to curb any extra spending. This seems to be where all my extra money is disappearing. Eating out, buying little things I don't need, and spending in snack machines.

Does anyone out there have debt problems? (yes this includes student loans!!!)


She W0rd Hustlez said...

Yess!! I mean, I've gotten better, but too much of my money goes to bullshit things. I really don't want to have to work 2 jobs for the rest of my life, but I knew that I need some sort of dicipline here.

Brothers Blog said...

*RAISING HAND* sure am gotta get it together a goal for next year as well.

Charmaine said...

@sheWH...that's what I say about my money. Like yesterday I could have eaten what I brought for lunch and instead I went out and got Krystals???

@BB...it's my MAIN goal for next year to get my money straight also

Charmaine said...

From Jamilla by email:

Hey Charmine....

Had trouble doing my comment...My DSL is working my nerves and it is a new router box. Anyhoo...My suggestion to you is to snowball your debt. Make a list of all of your debt with the lowest on the top. Pay the minimum on the rest but focus throwing as much money to the lowest debt. It sounds strange but many PF blogs agree that it will make you feel accomplished that you are paying off your debt. Wishing you luck on this endeavor.