Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wash Day

Yes, I finally washed my hair after two weeks :O( I've got to get better with this. I detangled on Christmas day, on dry hair, and didn't suffer much hair breakage/loss. I've decided that I will start detangling my hair in smaller sections while dry before I detangle again in the shower. My hair did sooooo good today with that method. The amount of hair in my comb was a few strands here and there....which I expect when I don't wash and detangle regularly.

I was told by a few to never detangle on dry hair...but I must say it works for me so this is what I'm going to do from now on. My hair is air drying as I type and so soft to the touch. I'm still going strong on my challenge and I'm totally loving being heat-free! The key was finding the right way to air dry without ending up with a frizzy head of hair. Now that I have that down...I'm home free.

I haven't tested out too many transitioning styles right now...too lazy I suppose. Bunning is working for me right now and it's simple and easy. I find that bantu knots and braidouts lead my hair into a tangled web of mess and I just don't like the knots that I incur. So, I'll be trying to find some easier ways of doing these styles without tearing out all my hair.

Here's some pics of what my hair looked like while air drying! Stay Browne, Stay Lovely!

This is a side view with my hair down!
The front while drying!

This is the back, I had it up in a hair clip.


Ms. S said...

I always detangle at least a little bit on dry hair before washing. I do a couple of quick comb throughs... but I do like how the tangles in my hair just seems to melt away in the shower, making for easier detangling after applying conditioner.

Charmaine said...

Conditioner works wonders in the shower with a comb!