Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting ready for the new year!

Part of my plans for the new year include getting a sew-in weave to help me during my transition. Since I know there may be other ladies out there wanting to do the same, I'll be including my experiences with that on here as well.

The main reason for this post is to get ready for the new year! I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish and things I want to improve about my blog. I'll be comprising my list of things for the new year and posting some time tomorrow.

Thanks to those who have subscribed by email or through blogger! I truly appreciate those who take the time out to visit and/or comment. It means a lot and I hope that I'm helping someone out there.

Talk to you guys tomorrow. Keep your eye out on the Announcement Section for detail on my first giveaway!


LaQT said...

Hope it goes smooth for you. I admire your decision to transition. I am on the fence. Can't wait to here about your journey. Thanks for sharing!

Charmaine said...

No problem! Do whatever feels right for you! Thanks for the wishes...I'm getting a routine down so it's getting a little easier.

A. Red said...

Did you get the sew in? I have interlock braids (looks just like a curly weave) right now and I am in HEAVEN!!! lol

Charmaine said...

No, not yet. I am waiting anxiously though..LOL.. I can't wait. I decided to keep it realistic though, SL length with a bang. I'm just not into wearing too much these days...LOL