Sunday, November 9, 2008

Starting Off

Beginning a new regimen can be pretty tough. One piece of solid advice I can offer that's going to be 100% correct is:

Find what YOUR hair loves b/c everything may not work for you that's working for someone else!

Okay, so that was a long point and quite true. We always see other women with this gorgeous hair and we want it. No matter what it takes, we want to get our hair exactly like hers. Uhhhh, problem is that her regimen May or MAY NOT work for you.

You have got to take the time to research, record results, and have patience. If your hair is NL, don't set your goal to be WL within 6 months and then stress yourself out about it. (That's just a suggestion.) Keep your goals realistic and as you progress you will be able to see your results. I got some great advice from Bossay when I first joined KISS and she gave me some wonderful tips when I was starting out. So I'm here to share them with you!

Steps 1 & 2 for building your hair regimen:

1. Buy a notebook to record your results, product pros/cons, and anything you research.

This is ESSENTIAL to do because how do you know if your doing anything right? When I began I didn't right down anything so I got lost pretty quickly with all the information that I was trying to soak up. Plus, I just dived in with no sense of direction. My point is, don't get lost in the dream of having "HER" hair. As I mentioned above, patience is the key component of holding your hair journey together. Don't shatter it with overly high standards, no research, and the wrong products.

2. Don't develop Product Junkieism.

I started off as on and this is soooooo not good for your hair. It really serves no purpose to go out and buy every single product that you see someone else is using. While reading Hairlicious,Inc. I caught an important article from our dear Sunshyne and she was basically asking how did you build your regimen. A key part in beginning hers was following a hair twin (someone with similar texture/type of hair as you) and biting off pieces here and there tweaking them as she went along in her hair journey. Click on the link above to read the post!

As you can see, Sunshyne's hair game is on lock and very beautiful indeed. I'll be posting the steps in increments this week so that we can start this off slow!

Stay Browne, Stay Lovely


ExoticMommie said...

Thanks for the advice. I was about to be a product junkie, but I kinda still am, I buy a bunch of the stuff that I like now, LOL.

Charmaine said...

don't feel any guilt EM, I have soooo much stuff that I'm not even sure I need. I'm about to start giving away the products I don't need..LOL

T. Michelle Theus said...

Good tips. My hair has no problem with growing but I swear it breaks off everytime the wind blows. lol It has been a true trial and error for me to find what works and I am still learning. I never thought about systematically documenting my journey or getting tips from others with hair like mine (duh! makes alot of sense) I think so many of us just resign ourselves to the "fact" that our hair is just crazy and can't be controlled. lol

Charmaine said...

@t. michelle:

breakage is a major problem for me too! I'm trying to curb that as we speak but ur right...b4 I got on this journey to healthy hair,I thought nothing could be done. I was so wrong!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Great tips...thanks. You already know I'm a

Charmaine said...

LOL..PJ..I know! But you always showcase such goooood stuff that it's almost impossible not to want it!

Sunshyne said...

Aww thanks for the luv Char! You too sweet.

Charmaine said...

Thanks SS..your one of my hair idols!!