Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oooooooohhh, Honey Child

Thanks to Ashley over at K.I.S.S. I have tried the honey once again and I'm currently pre-pooing as we speak. Honey seems to be quite popular to use with conditioners at the moment. Honey is a humectant that can be added with your favorite conditioner. It's suppose to help make your hair sleek and smoother. I just started using this so I will see how it goes. If you decide to try, remember not to expect "SUPER" results after the first time. Give your hair time to adjust and take everything slow. Often we expect our hair to look like "insert hair idol's name here" and we've only been doing the regimen for a week. Will update you ladies later with some after pictures.

Stay Browne, Stay Lovely


Super Woman said...

u mean honey like eat with?

i wont lie im ignorant and uninformed when it comes to hair care

Charmaine said... doesn't make yoiur hair sticky if that's what your thinking! I use 3 tbsp with the conditioner I've divided out in a cup. This is my second time using it so I'm going to do this for the next week or two to see if it's making a difference.