Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Building Your Regimen- Steps 3 & 4

Step 3

Now that you've taken the time to write down your goals and current hair status. You need to write a list of products down that you want to try and make it simple. As I mentioned in earlier steps, finding a hair twin is a great idea. Although all the products your twin may not work for you, at least you have a good base to begin from.

Step 3 seems to be the most important step. I went totally overboard trying to try/buy everything that I saw others trying but if you're just starting out, this is NOT the way to go. You need several basic items to begin your regimen.

You should have one of each:

Moisturizing Shampoo
Clarifying Shampoo
Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Protein Based Deep Conditioner
Protein Treatment
Leave-In Conditioner
Water Based Moisturizer
Natural Oils
Essential Oils
Heat Protectant

Step 4

This ties in directly with step 3. Along with great products you also need great tools. Once again, don't go out and buy something just because "insert name" said it was good. Do your research! Whatever you want to get will be there tomorrow!!! Don't rush yourself, take your time and keep it simple when purchasing.


Wide toothed seamless comb

Medium toothed seamless comb

A boar or soft bristle brush

Detangling brush (optional)

Hair pins/clips

Rollers (soft or regular)

Satin Scarf, Bonnet, and or Satin Pillowcases

Plastic Shower Caps

A pair of shears

A ceramic flat iron

A hooded dryer

A handheld dryer

Again you can visit the link I listed above to see some examples and more details over at Associated Content.

Stay tuned for more steps to complete you regimen! As I'm blogging this I will be participating by listing my regimen along with the steps also! If anyone notices anything I left out, please leave me a message and I'll list it ASAP.

Stay Browne, Stay Lovely!


Sunshyne said...

This is lovely. I get this question daily!! lol.. I'm going to adding some of these steps to Hairlista Inc. if you don't mind :)

Charmaine said...

Don't mind at all! It's all luv at B&L...just sharing what I've learned!