Friday, November 14, 2008

Building your Regimen-Steps 5&6

Step 5

We're gonna hop right into step 5 ladies or gentlemen! This will begin to be the actual formation of your regimen and as I said in earlier steps, if you find a hair twin try to see if her regimen will also work with you. Before you begin, you must do an assessment of your hair. Protein and moisture are the two main types of product categories. In step 3, you would have chosen some moisturizing products and protein based products also. To understand balancing protein and moisture, please read The Fine Art of Protein and Moisture.

Okay, now that you've read that continue with your assessment. Is your hair shedding too much? Are you suffering from too much breakage? All the questions you need to ask will be answered in that article above so I STRESS to you...PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING!!!

Step 6

Now that you've successfully done your assessment, you can begin to write down a simple and basic regimen. Don't attempt to do 4 co-washes and clarifying like crazy just because you get overly excited! It takes some time and tweaking to get to the regimen that will push you along the way to get to your desired length. The most important thing right now is getting HEALTHY HAIR. It makes no sense to have long hair with split ends that will eventually lead to you cutting off more in the future from the damage than if you had a simple trim before. All things come in due time.

As I mentioned in earlier steps, you can click on the Regimen tab on the menu bar and follow along with the steps as I post them. It takes time to develop a regimen that you feel will work for you and I want everyone who's starting out to take their time, read, and research what you need instead of diving in head first.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to transition from relaxed to natural or vice versa?

Does my hair lack moisture or protein? If so, what needs to be the focus so that I can balance the two?

Have I researched any items that I don't understand?

Have I asked questions that will help me better prepare myself to develop my regimen?

These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself before you begin. I'm new to the hair game myself and starting off can be overwhelming because you want to have your hair look like "insert name's" and it takes time to get there. Any questions please feel free to ask and follow along with My Regimen as I build it with the steps. I have some more important tips coming later today with some articles that will definitely help you out.

Until then, Stay Browne-Stay Lovely!


DeJa Vu said...

Very good regimen build tutorial. Its nice to have a good reference in refining my regimen.

Charmaine said...

Glad to hear that!!!