Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transitioning Tips & Myths

Especially for you LaQT! I see ya in the comments :O) Enjoy Ladies, I added a couple of pictures of my hair showing what my texture kind of looks like. It was hard to get the pic really clear due to the web cam on hubby's computer :O/

I will be adding more tips as I go along the way along with any that you all think should be on the list! Here are the first 3 Tips & a Myth

Tip # 1

Determine why you are transitioning.

This is the most important tip that I can give. Transitioning is such a drastic change in your life. You may get negative reactions from friends & family, rude comments from people you know or even complete strangers...all of them wondering why you decided to drop your straight hair for what God gave you naturally. Be prepared to defend your decision should this day ever come and know that this journey to natural hair can be a beautiful one if you let it.

Tip # 2

Detangle your hair before washing.

Some may disagree with detangling your transitioning hair before washing versus detangling while in the shower or wet. I beg to differ. I lose more hair detangling my hair wet than I do before I wash. I part my hair in sections and gently comb from the bottom to the roots and plait each section after I'm done. This also saves me a big headache and mess afterwards. Make sure you do the method that works best on YOUR hair.

Tip # 3

Wash your hair in sections.

This goes along with Tip # 2! After detangling your hair, wash it in the same sections you braided and make sure to keep them separate by re-braiding it as you wash, rinse, and condition. This will definitely cut down on your "detangling" time once you are completely done. I can run the comb straight through my hair after I wash just because I take the time to detangle before washing.

Myth # 1

You can't comb transitioning hair everyday.

I think this is totally untrue. Everyone's hair texture is different and it takes a lot of trial and error before finding methods that work in your favor. I found that waiting a week to comb my hair led me to a lot more hair loss than when I gently combed and braided sections each night. This works for me and a couple of others that I know so it does work for someone other than me! If this is not for you...find what works! That's the exciting part of DIY (do it yourself) haircare.


Well, that's the 3 tips anda myth for today! I'll be doing this Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. sharp. I put in some work on these tips and myths so hopefully they help someone out there. Leave a comment if you have a tip or myth and I'll post it :O)


LaQT said...

Thanks for your tips and the shout out!!!
I haven't mentally prepared myself for transitioning yet. I don't know if everyone understands that transitioning takes alot more effort than a bc. I am really questioning myself during these stretches. I tell you what whether I decide to transition or not these types are very helpful and I will begin practicing them with my relaxed/texlaxed hair my next wash to see how it helps with all of this NG! Thanks for posting!!!

LaQT said...


Yakini said...

Really great tips, Charmaine. Funny, I think about transitioning all the time, and have yet to find the couage. I love this blog cuz its such a wealth of information.... i know just where to come for support/guidannce should i decide to take that plunge. :-)

Charmaine said...

Thanks ladies for your comments and support! I really appreciate it.

You are always welcome here when it comes time to transition :O)