Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspirational Black Women

I want to take the time out to acknowledge some of the Beautiful Black Women that inpire us all. Please take time to share a comment with everyone about someone you admire, someone that mentors you, or just someone you have had the chance to meet that has truly changed your life.

I'm working on mines right now as I type this up! If it's a long post, just email me so I can post it separately. Let's do this!


Miss Journey said...

My mother is definitely is huge source of inspiration.
I'm also very inspired by:
-Alicia Keys: I love her positive vibe.
-Beyonce: regardless of what people say about her, she works hard and always gives 100% of a performance.
-Tyra Banks: she is doing her thing! She is on a great mission and continues to work at it.