Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Tips & Myths Part II

Tip # 4

Join a hairboard.

Now I know that this has nothing to do with actually doing your hair but there is a wealth of information and support on hairboards. I find that the biggest fear that people have when transitioning is the lack of support. :O( I know a few people wondered => WHY I would want to go from a relaxer to kinky hair but I made the decision based upon what I felt was the best way to go.

There is also a heap of information on the boards plus a good bit of them are absolutely free! Take your time and research which board is best for you and sign up today. I'm an active member of several boards so if anyone needs any suggestions feel free to ask.

Tip #5

Stay away from high heat.

Being that you are attempting to go natural, don't fight the kinks! The purpose of going natural is to, well, wear your natural hair. Trying to match your natural hair to your relaxed hair is a battle that you'll seldom win and if you do happen to don't know if you've caused any permanent damage to your coil pattern.

I straightened my hair a lot at first but once I realized that my hair was sooooo much thicker without a relaxer, I opted to go on a no heat regimen for a few months. I'll take a picture later today so that you can see a better pic of where my NG ends. My permed ends look a H.A.M. LOL

Always try to do styles that match your natural hair. Here's a link for some ideas:

Treasure Locks Transitioning Tips

Tip # 6

Find products that work for your hair.

This will definitely be a time of trial and error but don't overdo it. It's so easy to go out and buy every product that someone else is using only to find that your hair doesn't love it at all! Find out what your hair loves and stick with it. Don't use a bunch of new products at the same time either. You won't be able to tell what's working and what's not.

Don't become a product junkie as it will only lead you to a cabinet full of products that you don't like, can't use, or just don't want. You'll waste more money & time than you will anything. If you see a product you like....ask someone if they could send you a sample or they may even have a sample for sale. This is why joining hair boards are great too! I have gotten so many products for cheap that I would normally pay a grip for so that's a benefit for me.

Myth # 2

You can revert relaxed hair back to its natural state.

This is false. Once you've permed/relaxed your hair with a chemical treatment, you CAN NEVER revert that hair back to its natural state. Take a look at this page I found with some information on hair relaxers and what they do exactly.

The Truth About Hair Relaxers

I would post the info but it's a lot! It's worth reading also. That's it for today! If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them below :O)