Friday, August 14, 2009

Dominican Salons...Ye or Nay?

So, while I was over on LHCF I ran up on a thread with a video showing a Dominican blowout. Now, there were lots of mixed feelings about the actual process b/c of the high heat that is used to straigten the hair.

I loved the results though! I can't really say I saw any damage caused just by watching the video....there is a lot of smoke but I believe it was the products combined with the heat. Let me know your thoughts!


just my take said...

i really like the results from Dominican salons. i have found that although they use plenty of heat - they try to work with you and you can always say - that's enough.

they will use whatever products you bring to the salon and will try to accommodate you.

they arent the greatest in styling hair but you will come out with straight hair and not have to be convinced to get a perm.

i just had my hair blown out at a dominican salon after 3 months of no heat. i was out of the salon in less than an hour and paid $20 which included a tip. afterward, i go home and oil my scalp and wear my scarf in the evening.

its been over a week and my hair is still straight.

so if you can handle the heat and like to get a straight look occasionally, i suggest trying it.

Danyelle said...

Um, my hairdressor essentially does the same thing (minus that rollerset) but, there is noooo smoke, my hair is straighter & flowy, and has shape.... The video makes it seem worse that what it is because of the smoke, but even though the client is natural, her hair will not have its same coil pattern due to all the heat.

BTW, I will not be going to a dominican salon for a blowout, no matter how cheap, I'll pay for quality when it comes to my crown and glory, lol

justmytake said...

i've been going to the dominican salons for about 8-9 years now. those sisters know how to blow out a head of hair. now matter how kinky, curly, etc. they are right next to haiti and used to various blends of hair. you will never see anyone come out of their salon with wrecked hair.

they also dont look down on their customers, may make suggestions but never press their customers into styles, cuts, etc. that you dont want.

being a former NYC chick, i found them very economical and quick.

now living in upstate ny, my choices of salons are limited and i am glad that i have the choice to go them currently if i want a straight look.

if anyone is lucky enough to have a regular stylist -- then do you!
i havent had that luck in many years.

my pride and glory are my college bound kids and if i can save a few $$ and not be in a salon for a few hours....

as far as my crown, i am learning daily that its about how you treat your hair and am very proud of the fact that i am learning to get a healthier crown at home, without perms and totally depending upon others.

HershiBarr said...

my sister gets a blowout and it always looks great. she maintains her hair well on her off time so that she doesnt have to go often.

im natural as well but have heard that it takes some work to get your hair to go back normal.

Charmaine said...

@just my take..... thanks for sharing your experience! I'm still on thefence about it but I really want to try it at least once. As long as they use heat protectant I'll be okay with it.

@Danyelle....I was thinking the same thing about her coils..her hair is so pretty natural too! I would definitely like to see her hair after she washed her blow out. I loved how they did the rollerset...mines look nothing like that.

@justmytake....we think alike! I got tired of trying to maintain my hair permed b/c I hate to do my own perms. My middle never turns out right :O( but I'm glad the blow outs can be a great option shoud I want to go straight.

@HershiBarr....hmmmm, you got me thinking about that some more now (hair returning to normal) that really seems like some high heat vs. my regular little flat iron.

Tia said...

very nice, tons of smoke but super straight!