Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Transitioning Tips & Myths

Okay, I've decided to get back to the main point of my blog>>>HAIR! Since I'm transitioning and there are soooo many other women out there contemplating on whether they should go natural or not, I've decided to develop a list of tips and myths that I've seen since beginning my journey.

Now, everyone may not agree with what I say but that's what the comments section is for! Post your opinion and let me know what you think also.

I'll be doing double posts today to make up for yesterday and Saturday. One will be definitely featuring the beautiful Aaliyah in honor of her memory. Enjoy your day!


LaQT said...

Just curious...where's the list? I am one of those ppl on the fence. I am currently 17/18 wks and planning to texlax in Oct-Dec.