Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rhianna's New Do

What do you think? I love it...however, I'm definitely more interested in seeing what ladies who have been wearing the shaved looks (since forever) have to say about this new found "trend" among celebs.


Shoshoni said...

I've shaved my head numerous times over the years. Each time it was done because I wanted a change and try something different...not follow a trend. If you decide to do something, do it for you and not because its the "cool", "in", thing to do, or you'll only end up blending in with all of the other followers.

Charmaine said...

ITA with you! It's amazing at how many people have rocked this type of style looooonnnnggg before now but since a celebrity decides it's cool...it's no longer "taboo" to wear it.

SMH, people are seriously lost today. I say create your own look and be comfortable & confident enough to be yourself.