Friday, July 17, 2009

I won some prizes!

Well, just wanted to share with you guys what's been going on behind the scenes at other blogs that I free image hosting I want to encourage you all to visit other blogs and network as much as you can because we can all help each other. Commenting or sending messages means a lot and makes you feel like you're doing something right! Most of you out there have your own blogs so you know what I mean! I've entered a lot of wonderful contests and the point of my post is to show you that you can win too!

Now, to the point of my post. I entered 2 fabulous giveaways on two of the blogs I free image hosting and well I had the pleasure of entering the Beauty Luxe Give Away hosted by the Fabulous Blogging Vixen, Anjela, over at Blaq Vixen Beauty. I happened to be a winner and I won a ton of cool gifts which are in the pictures below.

The Prissy Mommy features Yakini filling us in on her wonderful experiences with her family along with her helpful advice. She recently held a giveaway asking for everyone to share their funniest hair story in the Jamilla Henna Giveaway. I was chosen as an honorable mention and received two boxes of Henna!! She was very generous on this giveaway and deserves a standing ovation for giving away at least 12 boxes of henna.

I'll definitely be doing a big post on the henna once I use it and show you guys the results and everything. Again, I want to encourage everyone to visit different blogs, comment, and get that valuable information that you may never find somewhere else. Don't just go to win free stuff but go to show support to your fellow blog sista and trust me, you'll get nothing but love back. In the mean time, show the ladies above some love!


Fine Hair Sistas said...

Wow, how nice, congrats on winning. Please keep us informed when you use the Jamila henna, it's my fav :o)

Charmaine said...

Thanks...I will definitely do a post on the Henna since I've never used any. I've been waiting to try some so I'll see how it goes!

Yakini said...

Hey lady!

Fabulous blog and thanks so much for the mention!!!! I'm definitely looking forward to your Henna post (hopefully with pics! hehe) ;-)