Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mane & Tale Conditioner

I've heard soooooo many stories about Mane & Tale Conditioner to the point that I was sick of hearing about it, LOL. However, while I was contemplating on the egg treatment a couple of weeks ago this conditioner popped in my head after reading one of my favorite blogs. I decided to go ahead and try some along with my Shikakai Powder wash (see previous posts!) as my DC.

It was great! I love the slip that it gave and powered with the results from the shikakai my hair was soft, strong, and full! I will be doing another results post this weekend and show more of my texture of my new growth. I'll be using the remaining Mane & Tale for a DC after I co-wash this weekend. If you'd like some addtional information on this conditioner click here.


Anonymous said...

i love whenmy hair is soft and bouncy, i love curls and bounce not sure why. will check it out if i can

Charmaine said...

It's a great conditioner...

especially if your works wonders! Keep me updated if you decide to use and let me know how it works for you!