Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hair Update!

Well, I finally took out my sew-in a week earlier than I expected. I would have had it in a total of 2 months next weekend so I decided to get it over with this weekend since I start another quarter in school on Wednesday!

I'll start by saying that my sew-in was a wonderful experience! I was really nervous about losing a lot of hair and the damage that others have said this style causes. I'm glad to say that I suffered minimal hair loss, which was the hair I would have shed anyway, so I'm happy to say that.

I'll definitely be getting another sew-in in the future. I'll be listing some tips later tomorrow about how to prepare for a sew-in.

BTW, I did a job on my hair today and I'll be posting the pics tomorrow as well. I already have my hair wrapped and you know how that is!

See ya tomorrow!


LaQT said...

Great! I can't wait to see. I have had a sew-in for 2 weeks now. I plan to take it down in about 3 weeks. Like you, this was my first sew-in and I was worried about it looking unnatural or losing alot of hair, but it came out really well and I will definitely do it again in the future.
I have yet to take mine down, so I am hoping the take down is a smooth as yours.

Charmaine said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to post some tips for sew-ins that I've learned along the way also. Make sure you have help to take it out. Without hubby, it wouldn't have happened!!

LaQT said...

I'm gonna have the woman who put it in, take it out.

Charmaine said...

That's's so hard to do it yourself. She's out of town so I really had no choice. My hair was HAM yesterday after my so-called silk-wrap (smh) but I'll be posting the pics when I get home today since it looks good today..LOL..I actually had a good amount of growth

Pamela said...

Nice Blog! I was rather unconvinced at first thinking that this herbal tips was not going to work - however, from the first 4-5 months -what an improvement!