Friday, March 13, 2009

Domestic abuse just became important

well, at least that is what it seems like. Ever since the "Chrianna" debacle, every celebrity, media outlet, blogs, etc... known has been coming out with something about domestic abuse. Before anyone jumps on me, that's a great thing but domestic abuse has been going on long before this incident. I've seen worse cases than "Chrianna" and majority of the time we never here anything about domestic abuse other than little segments here and there.

My problem with the media right now is, why all the exploitation??? I know, I's news but my point is why does every celebrity feel the need to make shows/statements NOW about DA when it's been happening everyday for as long as I can remember? *sigh* Joe Torry and a comedian by the name of Vanessa (?) just had a domestic altercation while on tour.....I've heard little about this case on the mainstream news. Sad, but yet there's a Chrianna update every freaking day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish celebrities would stop hopping on bandwagons to promote whatever's making the news. I'm glad that everyone's speaking out about domestic abuse but the only two people that seem to be getting the backlash. Stand up for a cause because you believe in fighting for it, not to gain some publicity because it the hot topic of the moment.



mahoganydymond said...

I said the same thing.. Domestic Violence has always been a problem, but now since it is famous people involved it is a BIGGER issue. Where was these same people and hands reaching out for help when I was in this situation.. The media is wrecking my nerves over this.. I talked about this one both of my blogs this past week..

Charmaine said...

Sorry to hear that you were in a situation like this. You're right, this has been a problem since ??? and it just makes me sooooo mad to see people speaking out like it's the next big thing. The victims are the ones that suffer and I think people are exploiting this topic more than helping. I'll definitely be checking out your blog to see what you had to say.