Tuesday, March 17, 2009


She is a certified crook...yes I said crook. She has to be the most unprofessional online vendors I've encountered in the YEARS that I've been shopping online. I ordered products on February 10th and have yet to get them. Nor does she even know the tracking number to the package that she "so-called" mailed. Sounds fishy to me guys especially when she didn't bother to tell me she didn't mail until the the 16th of February...yet the info from PayPal listed the 11th??? That just goes to show that she didn't mail it on the 11th like she posted to my account.

I've even won the PayPal claim but seems like she has no funds available for my refund. Sad part is, I've emailed her telling her that I needed my money back b/c I had to come out of pocket for the products I needed. She tells me she understands and will even offer me a full refund....uuuummm where is it??

She has banned me from her site...wonder why?? LOL, I guess she doesn't want this little mishap to ruin things over there for her due to her crappy customer service and lies. I've handled things nicely but I see that she doesn't want to go that route. It's been well over a month and I'm still without my money, my products, or a resolution. I've got emails to prove what I'm claiming and should anyone need any further proof, holla.

But beware of her sites and make sure to do some thorough research before joining any boo-boo hair boards listing their businesses as their side hustle.

The reputable ones I'm faithful members of are listed below:

Keep it Simple Sista
Hairlista, Inc.
See My Healthy Hair Grow
Patience, Grow My Hair Long
The Coarse Hair Diaries