Saturday, March 13, 2010

Current Sales at Jasmine's and Shescentit

Just a brief announcement for any of you that don't know about the sale going on over at Jasmine's Bath & Beauty Products and also SheScentIt....they are both having 20% off sales so get over there while the getting is good!

(Yeah, I broke my no buy rule BUT I only spent the money I earned from selling textbooks ;O) and yes I realize that's no better..LOL!) I do love to show support to these ladies and other small black owned businesses and since they have sales only so often...I took advantage and ordered some products that I know I will be using during the weave challenge and take-downs.

I'll be doing a review of all the products from both stores soon...I want to make sure I do a great one over ALL the products I've tried. If you've never heard of these me for some info and I can point you in the right direction!

Show these fellow hairsista's some love and order! I'm not getting anything for saying this either...I just love their products :O)