Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 Tips to finding a great stylist

How many times do you go on hair boards and blogs and read about a salon visit gone wrong? I mean, be honest, how many times have we read horror stories about a scissor happy stylist that has detangled your natural hair with a rat tail comb without deep conditioning your hair? Okay, I might have stretched out the deep conditioning BUT I have been reading these kinds of stories lately and I want to make sure I put some tips that I used to find my wonderful stylist.

I’ve noticed that a majority of the time [we] clients don’t take the opportunity to research and find a stylist that will help us reach the healthy hair goals we are trying to accomplish. Bad stylists don’t become bad overnight…they usually are already at or way past that stage! So take the time out to find a great stylist that will give you the healthy hair and look that you’re going for…trust me-IT’S WORTH YOUR TIME :O)

Tip # 1
Let Google Be Your Friend

I found my current stylist on Myspace. Yes, on Myspace! This goes to show that by doing a little bit of searching and twitter stalking…err ummm “following” you can get to the info you need! I will say two of the easiest places to start are Twitter and Facebook.

Oh, and if a stylist you’ve heard of can’t be found ANYWHERE online…don’t even bother. It’s 2010 and internet marketing is a business owner’s best friend. An up-to-date stylist should have a webpage somewhere with updated pictures of their work and current contact info. I don’t know about you all but I’m big on easy access to pictures and if I’ve only got your email or a phone number…I’m not going to waste my time.

Remember, negative reviews can also be found online and that’s definitely a red alert so take heed and proceed with caution! Personal reviews can be a client out for revenge or a true horror story. You be the judge!

Tip # 2

Visit Local Salons

This can be time consuming but remember-it’s YOUR hair. Take the time to go out to salons that you think you may be interested in and see if you can sit and watch while the stylists do hair. Now, this may be uncomfortable for some of you to ask but doing this will give you the opportunity to see how the customers are treated, how the stylists perform, and the overall mood of the shop.

If you’re not comfortable asking, see if you could get a tour of the shop or a consultation and explain why you are doing this. A great stylist/salon should be understanding and more than willing to help. If you get any negative feedback (laughing, sarcastic remarks, or awkward responses)-MOVE ON. Remember, as the client you have and need to feel comfortable with the stylist that you choose. If not, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Tip # 3


This is by far the easiest way to find a stylist but it’s also the way I’ve found to be very risky. Remember not every stylist is going to be a good fit for you just because they are perfect for (insert name here). If you are member of a hair board, this would probably be the fastest way to find someone in your area that performs a specific service.

Get advice from friends and family that have that always come home satisfied with a great look! Dig deep…ask questions about anything you feel is important to know about their experience with the stylist and the salon. You want the best working on your head!

Remember that these days ANYBODY can become a cosmetologist. I hate to say it like that but…it is what it is. With that being said, you control who puts their hands in your hair. If you’re going to invest money in getting your hair done, why not invest an equal amount of time to find someone that values healthy hair care? Your.Choice.