Thursday, February 25, 2010

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful

So, I happen to be cruising through one of my favorite hair boards and came across a heated discussion involving Karen's Body Beautiful. I immediately remembered how much I wanted to try this company in the past but as I was reading the complaint against the company...I wondered if I would be satisfied with their customer service. (Let Google Be Your Friend)

So, against all odds...I went ahead and ordered about $80 worth of products. I purchased the following (I'll add links for ease :O)

SITE LINK: Karen's Body Beautiful

Cold Winter Regimen Set (Lavender Vanilla)

Shower Gel (Egyptian Musk)

Olive Oil Body Lotion (Egyptian Musk)

Bar Soap (Chamomile Sage)

Hair Nectar (Lavender Vanilla)

The winter regimen set actually includes 8 oz bottles of the moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, hair milk, and jar of hair butter. If you purchase each separately, the benefit is that you can pick individual scents for each product...however, each will run you about $16 with the exception of the shampoo which is $12. I opted to purchase the set in one scent because it was the cheaper option, $52, and I didn't want a whole bunch of scents going on.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair milk and the hair butter. The hair milk is very moisturizing and it works wonders on my daughters hair. I like the body wash and the soap so far!


I've only used the shampoo, conditioner, and hair milk once. That was right after I chopped off my hair!!! Personally, the shampoo made my scalp itchy. My hair was indeed dirty so I will be bias and say that I will still try it again. The conditioner I didn't care for as far as consistency goes. My hair is super thick and all I have left now is half a bottle (I had to stop before I used it all!) :O( so I wished that it would have been a little thicker. The body lotion was a little thin but okay for my hands when dry.


My package arrived safe and sound with all my products. It came with that posh little black bag from the store and two bite-size samples of two other lotion scents. I might add that one of the samples was Egyptian Musk and I'd already ordered it so that really didn't make sense to me but whatever. I forgot to mention that the company also have wonderful specials every week called Freebie Fridays! Sign up on the site and receive the emails :O)


4 out of 5

The products are really great (with the exception of a few consistency problems) if you love natural products. I got my order quickly and received all my products. I'd definitely order the hair milk and hair butter again.