Thursday, February 18, 2010

Product Review: Carol's Daughter Sea Salt Body Scrub

So, I found a great find for all you Carol's Daughters fans out there....her products are now in TJ Maxx! The best part about this is...LOWER PRICES!!!! Now the products may vary from store to store as far as what's available or offered so definitely ask one of the employees if you can't locate.


This product will change your bath/shower experience.


I purchased the Groove scent (smells so yummy :O) and my skin was soooooooo soft afterwards it was ridiculous. I went back and purchased another scrub in the Almond Cookie scent and although I don't care for the scent-I do LOVE the results from the product. This would definitely be a great product to use if you do your own pedicures as well. This scrub really softens the skins and leaves you very very moisturized! I paid $7.99 at TJ Maxx but it usually retails for $28 dollars a jar.

I know...a deal right! ENJOY!!



Juicy Carter said...

Ive never tried it because of the price. But now that its at TJ Maxx I just might have to go get me a couple jars this weekend. Thanks for the review/tip!

Charmaine, Body Magic Rep said...

No problem! 28 bucks for some scrub is a stretch for me but 8 is right up my alley...LOL!