Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Officially 1 Year

I am officialy 1 year post relaxer! I'm waiting on my Blackberry and I'll be updating the site with new pics.

I've been MIA due to loads and loads of homework :O(

It's rough trying to do school and blog everyday. However, I am going to go back to doing my regular posting but it's not always going to be hair related. I'm looking forward to doing my BC so when I set a concrete date I'll definitely take pics and maybe tape it!

Hope everyone is doing great and will be back on schedule this weekend :O)


Blessed Tresses (Blessedwmnofgod) said...


Charmaine said...

Thanks for the support!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Y did u decide to go back natural. I too have decided to go back to my natural hair but its hard, everyday I'm tempted to take a trip to the hairdresser to have to my hair done. I really want to go back natural but I don't think I can take being unkempt and untidy any much longer

Anonymous said...

Oopsies Meant to put the word feeling instead of being. Btw ur my motivation to carry on. I'm being followin ur site 4 awhile now and girl u always promise pics.*side eye*