Monday, October 26, 2009

Better late then never!

Here are a couple of the pictures! I have had the worst time getting them on here, LOL! I had car problems yesterday so I didn't make it to the library :O( I didn't even get my homework done, SMH...what to do what to do.

Then, my computer was acting up at work this morning so.........well, here they are. They aren't the best but I got them up! I'll be taking some more this week after I get my Indigo Henna. I think I want to do a tutorial on that but I've got to figure out this mobile blogging issue that I'm having.

Also, there is a wonderful contest coming up for B&L...YES! my very first one. It's going to be simple and will begin after the big suprise this week :O) Ya'll will find that out soon enough. Till, next revoir bellas!



LaQT said...

Wow, it's so thick. You are doing an excellent job with your hair.