Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Product Review: Nasabb's Black Soap

From Nasabb's:

Traditional Black Soap is brownish-black in color. It is soft with an organic shape. It has a delicate texture & a natural earthy smell. It is not oily or scented. Black Soap or African Black Soap also known as Anago Soap or Alata soap, originates from West Africa. It has been used for centuries in Ghana. This African Black Soap is not the mass produced African Black Soap in boxes all over the market. This simple beautiful soap contains plantain skins, palm kernel oil, palm oil, cocoa pod, coconut oil & natural sodium.

My Review:

I love this stuff!!! I have used "black soap" in the past and hated it. I figured out that this is probably because it was not the real black soap. It was definitely black (had my whole sink looking a mess, LOL) and highly fragranced. It couldn't have been real. Only thing was, at the time I didn't know how to determine what was real and it's been about 3 years when I brought it. I've learned to research!!!

Now, Nasabb's Black Soap is so moisturizing. I have incorporated it into my facial care regimen and replaced my Queen Helene Oatmeal Honey Scrub. I'm having some skin problems so I've started using Tretinoin Cream to help clear up some blemishes. It's been drying my skin out terribly and causing a lot of peeling. However, I must say...since using this black soap, my peeling has disappeared! I couldn't believe it! I'll list my facial regimen below and if anyone out there is suffering from acne/blemishes or hyperpigmentation...let me know and I've got some great tips out there!

You can purchase a 5 oz. bar of Nasabb's Black Soap here. (It's only $5 plus $3 shipping and handling!!! That's a great deal if you want to try it out!!)I suggest that you order before summer or high heat weather so that your product will not be melted by the time it gets to you. Nasabb's has a shipping policy regarding hot weather also.

Facial Regimen

Night: Wash face with Nasabb's Black Soap, Pat Dry, Apply Tretinoin Cream

Morning: Wash face with Nasabb's Black Soap, Pat Dry, Apply Cetaphil Moisturizer

I use a dime size drop of Queen Helen Oatmeal Honey Scrub once a week with the black soap to get rid of any dead skin.

Now how simple is that!!!