Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you afraid to get your hair done?

This is becoming a heated debate on hair boards across the net! The truth is, why are women becoming afraid of getting their hair done by a stylist?

Well, to be honest, about 90% of us have had at least ONE bad experience with a stylist in our life so far. However, does this mean we ban getting our hair done professionally FOR LIFE??? I think not....I mean, they are human and can make honest mistakes. The bulk of this STYLIST vs. CLIENT drama is due to half facts and half stepping clients that aren't taking responsibility for their hair when they sit in the seat.

Yes, I know I can surely be debated on that and truth is although cosmetologists are the professionals, each person interprets what they have learned differently thus producing different results. It is up to us, the consumers, to make sure we are thoroughly satisfied with the services we are receiving. Sitting like a mad duck will not help you in the long run.

I am currently putting together a detailed list on some tips to find and keep a great stylist along with how to be less passive-aggressive while in a salon. I've been working feverishly on this so I hope I get a great response! Thanks to all those that comment and to the new followers!

Stay Browne, Stay Lovely!


DanaBash said...

The last time someone else did my hair was my aunt (a stylist) in . . .2000. Seriously. I have toyed with the idea of going to a prof. stylist who wasn't family, but something always holds me back. 1. I have been doing my own hair (including trims and relaxers and color) since like 13 or so with no major problems. Before that it was just my mom or my aunts--never a prof. I didn't know. I always had long hair. So I don't have the experience of going to a salon--not really. 2. Yeah, reading stylist horror stories scares me. I have read what some have advised to avoid pitfalls--like giving a detailed long list of instructions, but I am afraid that's not the best way to start of a good stylist-to-client relationship. It's a relationship built on trust. And trust has to be earned . . .and that can't happen if you don't give someone a chance--I know this and I am still scared. lol.

Charmaine said...

Your right, charging in with a list of instructions is not the best approach. However, trust is important to start with. Some women that I've noticed are beginning to bash stylists just because they've had one bad experience. Truth is, most people only tell their side of the story which is probably mostly true or mostly false. No one likes to take the blame for not speaking up in the chair so it's easier to blame the person who's doing the hair.

I just want everyone to get a message that there are great stylists out there that will help you maintain your hair at home and also at the shop. Thanks for responding!

Sane said...

GREAT topic! I have 2 hair stylist that that I trust with my hair and 2 only. My hair is like my stomach, I'm not into "testing avenues i've never driven down before". That said, the only time i've have a bad experience with somebody doin' my hair in a salon was when i decided to go drastic and get all my hair cut off. I've never had a relaxer and never needed one but the beautician was just OH so certain that nomatter how straight my hair was, it was in my best interest to get a mild cream relaxer on the back of my hair to make it lay down permanently. Burned the mess outta my scalp! Needless to say, I was naive and shoulda said no but I tried to trust her, knowing I knew better in my heart. In any case, once my hair grew out and my scalp healed, I maintained my short cut myself, and my hair laid down WITHOUT the relaxer. SEOD. Ever since that, the 2 ladies that do my hair both do hair out of their homes and I just stick to what I know. No harm no foul that way.

Anonymous said...

Well my aunt is a professional and has always done my hair and it was always perfect, but then i went to university and i tried a new stylist and i'm telling you it was not a good move. my scalp and ears were burnt from the relaxer aka perm and i regretted it. since then i haven't let anyone else but my aunt do my hair. Not to scare anyone or put you off but in essence people stick to what they know is best and safe, and bareing in mind how protective people are over their hair this anxiety is understandable. I say, find out a little about the new stylist work out of they are suitable to do your hair.
Posted by Aretha Forrest

Charmaine said...

@Sane...I can always depend on you for a good laugh in the morning!! But I feel your pain! I've never gotten a bad relaxer thankfully and since I'm going natural..I never will. I hate that there are beauticians out there that harm their customers instead of helping so it causes people to harbor negative feelings towards other stylists...which is understandable.
I had a lady that did my hair out of her stylist I ever had!

Charmaine said...

@Aretha....It's always trying to get someone new to do your hair. Like I was telling another lady I know...I said shamefully you have to put in good research to find the right person. Really, I don't believe it should be that hard but most people are good then they slack off over the years. It takes education every year (IMO) to keep up with what's going on in the cosmetology field.