Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know to be really careful about some of the gossip blogs you visit. I'm not sure if I can legally post the name of the one that I went to but I ended up with a Wormblaster (those of you in the IT world know that's not a good thing to say the least) and it completely ffffff'd up my computer. I had to get my computer imaged and start from scratch. That's a man down, code 10 Frankies world...LOL

*sigh*This is a result of someone allow cheap ass ad companies to display anything on their site. I didn't accept anything but it popped up as I was clicking on the site and took it from there and ran. *sigh* Point is, I have the cream of the crop protection on my computer so......

I will not be visiting that blog again and furthermore I will definitely be more cautious of what sites I frequent. People, please use reputable ad companies and not just some random place online that's not interested in being legit with who their advertising.