Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Question....Do you hate your job?

And please don't give me the answer...."I'm thankful to have a job right now in this economic crisis that's going on..." *side-eye* That's not what I'm asking...I'm thankful to have a job also but what I want to know is>>>>

Do you hate, dislike, or ???? your job? If you hate to get up in the morning and go...then this is a yes. Why do you hate/dislike it?

Just being nosy today and I wanted to see others take on what's going on at work right now!


A. Red said...

I can't stand my job. I doesn't help that is not what I went to college for. The scariest part is that we are in this freaking recession so I'm not sure if getting another job is possible, or smart. Especially since they're laying people off like crazy.

I work with 5 other women and their all in their middle or late 30's. I'm only 27 if they are what I have to look forward too then I want to freeze my age right now!!! They're the biggest pack of thirsty, desperate vulture EVER. SMH

Charmaine said...

LOL...I know the feeling. Things always get better least that's the thought I hang on too!