Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recreating My Regimen & Weave Challenge

So, as of lately my hair is beginning to look more and more like this picture except for the fact that my roots are puffy, my hair is dry, and I'm running out of products. I'm going to do a self assessment tonight and figure out what my problems are and what I need to be doing to correct them.

We've all seen Reniece's hair (by now) video on Youtube and I must say her progress is amazing and the fact that she's natural gives me hope. I've decided to do a weave challenge for this year and begin growing out my natural hair starting January 30. I'll be getting a weave done anyhow so why not BC and start the challenge!

I'm still waiting for my Honeyfig order to be shipped out so as soon as I receive it I'll show you guys what I got! Matter of fact, I may just do a haul of all hair products I currently have in my closet.

I won't be posting my new regimen until January 30th. So, I'll be keeping it super simple until then and hopefully I'll get the products I want by then as well. I'm doing all my research now and will be posting up my product wish tomorrow.



LaQT said...

Oh, yes the bun drop was tantalizing. I was tempted to bc, but then I got over it. I still would like to weave my hair up for 6 months or so, just to see how it works out. Good luck and we wanna see pics come Jan. 30th!!!!!
Asking nicely, of course.

Charmaine, Body Magic Rep said...

I think I'm going to cut off some of my hair before I get my sew-in but not a complete BC. Reniece is definitely my inspiration.

I'd like to see your results as well..good luck too! I will definitely be posting up pictures this year and on. I feel horrible for doing such a crappy job on my picture posting last year. I'm soooo focused on making my blog better!

Thanks for always commenting and sticking around :O)