Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So, I won big over on Sandra Rose...

Things are really picking up for me right now! Considering all I've been through during this year...I can't believe that my year is going out with a bang.

I actually won tickets to Jingle Bash up there in ATL!!! Wooo-Haaah

...unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control (to put it nicely) I can't go. (womp womp womp)

Yeah, I have a feeling the suprise guest is gonna be T.I. and that makes me feel no better. Ya'll know I stans for Tip and now Nikki Minaj. (wink wink)

*sigh* So, hopefully the next person in line will get a chance to go and need to hog the tickets for nothing! Thanks to Sandra for hosting such wonderful things on her blog and allowing us to participate!



Babydoll said...

Sorry you can't go! That sucks. Better luck next time. :)