Friday, April 17, 2009

Ready, Set, Strip

Not exactly, but hey I got the info that I needed to get to help some folks find out where they can buy removable poles (I don't own my ish so a permanent is not an option) and take some classes...even found a few blogs with some tips!

If you don't see anywhere that's convenient to you let me know and I'll get the closest info I can. Don't forget to follow me on twitter! Follow Me!


Lil Mynx

(only site I found so far that I've gotten feedback on)



Kat Kalls
Pole Dance 411
Pole Waxers University

New York

Shockra Studio
NY Pole Dancing
Exotic Dance Central


Sexy Dancing Lessons
Circular Dance

The image came from Vertical Dance so stop there and see what they have to offer also!


LaQT said...

Thanks so much, I have been looking all over the place for a pole dancing studio in N. Dallas. Apparently not in the right places.

Charmaine said...

No problem, glad I could help!