Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pole Dancing...A New Fitness Wave??

I think so...I spotted this video over on one of my favorite blogs, Sandra Rose, and was amazed at the strength it takes for some of the moves these ladies perform.

There used to be the old stereotype that only strippers and exotic dancers (same thing I know!!) would use poles and etc....Now it's becoming not only a sport but a way to keep fit and entertain your man at home! There are many poles out there for the low that are worth getting too!

Go ahead ladies, buy that pole and put that work in to learn some of these moves! Just kidding...take a few classes first. They are being offered everywhere these days. If you don't feel comfortable without clothing, I'm sure wearing the minimum will be sufficient. I'll be researching some places in the ATL to go and train a little later along with some pole info in case any of you want it!


LaQT said...

Yeah, they have some in ATL and LA, but here in TX, I can't find one.

Charmaine said...

What part of Texas are you looking to go? I did find a few places but not sure of the areas.

Anonymous said...

I saw this video on Sandra Rose and was absolutely amazed! That last chick is a bad,bad bitch! I was I had this much strength!'

Charmaine said...

She truly is....I'd love to be able to do that ish in about 3 months ... LOL