Monday, November 3, 2008

Healthy Textures vs. Healthy Textures??

Hello B&L's!! I'm back to my normal schedule for posting...I'm trying to get the newly revamped blog up and running again! I have so many spots to get info in!

Anywho, so I got a email on October 31st, assuming that many of you did also stating the new location of the site and also the blog. I took a few minutes on Saturday night to check out the new HT and I must say that it is impressive. The format is very easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and it just looks great! Sad part, she's charging $9.99 per month, 24.99 per quarter, or 99.99 per year (two months free with yearly fee). :O( Sorry, I won't be joining but it was nice to see the progress that she's made, so congrats to Marcherie.

Now, the reason for this post is that a new Healthy textures has been formed in place of the other one on the ning social network. Click on the link to take a closer look at what I'm about to tell you. Apparently someone has formed this group near the same time the network was taken offline. Now, I'm an avid stan for all the free networks, which are listed under My Social Circle on my sidebar ;O), but I must say that I can not support whomever made this site. Yes, I know I've put out a message which may lead to more traffic but I'm just here to state my opinion!

And I will not join nor support this site (the fake HT) because it's misleading and it's taking away from someone else's brand. I did not really care for the atmosphere at the original HT but hey, it lead me to the great sites that I'm a member of now. So, to anyone reading this now and in the future...please beware that this link is the new Healthy Textures Although I think it's absolutely ridiculous to pay that much per month for a site, please choose the correct site for yourself. I can't stand by and let women who want to seriously improve their lovely locks, choose a place to join simply because they were mislead.

As I said, I am an avid fan of the free sites, free blogs, and the LCHF...the difference is -- they all created their own brand instead of using someone else's ideas. I find it tasteless and rude. Be creative and start your own network. Don't mislead ladies to join your site! Marcherie worked hard for hers and so can anyone else.

Remember to donate to the free sites so that we can help keep them free!!

Take care Ladies and as always HHG!


Hair-A-Mania.Dot.Com said...

hmmmm....smh...the saga continuez...maybe the person who started thiz *ghost* site, just wanted 2 keep the camaraderie of her sistaz 2gether & decided 2 do the site...perhapz she waz wrong n choosing the dam name (hell she coulda just put a *z* on the end of texture 2 spice thingz up a bit)that somebody had previously used, but who carez?...watz n a dam name...but um, n e wayz i wouldnt go so much az 2 call it the fake *HT*....itz just da *sequel*

Charmaine said...

It's stealing in my opinion...I wouldn't name a site after someone else's brand. A name can be copyrighted and not be available for public use so that's what makes the difference to me. It's fake to me b/c whoever created it doesn't even have any info of themselves available...anwho, it's my opinion and you have yours! I'll stick by my original thoughts though.

Tiffanita said...

I think it's misleading too, and actually a total lack of creativity. I will NOT being joining.

I won't be paying $10 a month for the new HT site. I can think of a million better things I can do with that money..

Hair-A-Mania.Dot.Com said...

tru tru...everybody iz entitled 2 their own opinionz....but um, @ n e rate itz up & runnin & i joined so i can promote my milli, a milli, a milli...ya i can think of other thingz 2 spend my coinz on more hair care produtctzzzzzzz...yayyyyyyyy me....

Charmaine said...

@tiffanita: please invest them coinz wisely and not in a hair site for a monthly fee that's worth 2 days of lunch

@Bossay...hmmmm u may be right on that promotion thing..LOL..leave it to u to always have an agenda..:O)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the site was created by someone else? I was a huge fan of the old site and there were posts leading up to the launch of their new site. I think the owner realized that her hair care tips and videos were getting so many hits, that she saw an oppportunity to make money. (She also put out a dvd that she charged for). I am sad that the old HT is gone...they offered great information for free, but I am not going to pay a monthly fee.